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wisconsin death trip
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(It was really hard to keep that high-minded literary reference in the subject heading and not go for Wisconsin Death Bitch -- which has a lovely ring to it, you must admit.)

Like nearly every TV show I've really loved, Howard Dean got cancelled early -- he just hasn't been taking the network's phone calls. I'm guessing, however, he's finally gotten the memo.

And here's the thing -- I HATE Kerry more with every passing moment I see his face. I laughed with glee over Wonkette's mention of Edwards sewing up the "ABK" vote. Basically, I think the Democrats would be shooting themselves in the foot with Kerry as he has zero charisma, probably has something way worse than the skeleton of an intern in that closet, and really I think he's just probably one of those jerky pompous egotistical politicians I hate so much. (On both sides.) I base this on the mass defection of his staff over a firing decision early on in his campaign -- campaign staffs tend to be dedicated and there because they care. Anyone that can piss off a sizeable number of them to the extent that they say adios: nice guy.

And I genuinely like Edwards, and have. I actually was waffling between Dean and Edwards the whole time. I think Edwards has the charisma to beat Bush. I can imagine my dad voting for Edwards.

But here's the real reason I now despise Kerry --

He's a little speech pussy. Tonight, Edwards comes out to give his speech and Kerry preempts him solely because he knows he has zero charisma. I'm sitting there engaged and waiting to hear what Edwards is going to say and Kerry KNOWS that and comes out so the networks have to cut off Edwards and I can't stand to listen to anything past the third word out of his pinched, botoxed mouth. Kerry may have been in a war but faced with a battle of oratory? Speech pussy.

That is all. Good night.

NOTE: Yes, I realize I may well be voting for this guy in the fall. Until then I can dream. And it's not like it matters here anyway.

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