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And answer my question.

There's an interview in this month's Believer with Mike Davis, who wrote CITY OF QUARTZ and THE ECOLOGY OF FEAR. Apparently, he's now writing young adult novels, which sound absolutely wonderful. Only one has been published so far, but the next one sounds even better (real witches, pirates, deserted island).

The first one is LAND OF THE LOST MAMMOTHS, and has apparently been recently published by Perceval Press. I checked our library system and nada, so I put in an interlibrary loan request. I just received an email back from the interlibrary loan guy (swift!) who tells me to check back later that no libraries currently list this title. Does this mean that there's little likelihood of me getting it this way in la future and I should just order it if I want to read it? Amazon's not listing it yet either. I'm confused.

UPDATE: It appears that this is Viggo Mortensen's publishing company. In addition to being an award-winning stage and screen actor, Mortensen is also a respected poet, painter and photographer. He is currently working on his third book of poetry and he has new gallery shows set for Wellington, New Zealand and New York City. But in 2002 he took a further career turn when he established his new publishing house, Perceval Press, with a mandate to produce texts, images and recordings that might otherwise not find an outlet.

Mortensen says the name is derived from the ancient legend of Perceval. "He and his companions at one point come to this forbidding, very dense forest, a very dark forest. And they have to decide: which way should we take to enter the forest? And they choose to split up and intentionally not take any existing path."

Symbolically, that is the purpose of Perceval Press -- "to allow authors, painters, poets and photographers to be published when they couldn't be published otherwise, or at least not in the way they would like to be." In other words, Perceval allows creative people the chance "to strike out and make their own trail."
-- from an article reprinted on this Viggo Mortensen fansite

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