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Just reading the SF Site review of LCRW No. 13 which says that: "Dear Aunt Gwenda: Advice from a Better Time & Place" is an attempt to satirize Ann Landers and her legion of imitators, but it has been done before and was funnier the first time. Maybe even the second. But not anymore."

Um, actually it's not an attempt to satirize Ann Landers (or her "legion of imitators"). But I think it's funny that he thinks so. It's mostly just an attempt to answer the questions that are submitted. Personally, I think Ann Landers does a pretty good job of satirizing herself. (link via E.L. Chen) For the curious who don't already subscribe to LCRW (cough, cough, why not?), Dear Aunt Gwenda can be read here.

Beware the Imitators of Ann Landers -- they are coming, they are mad as hell and they are not going to take it any more!

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