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The Sci-Fiction money for Christopher's story arrived last night, instantly lifting spirits. (Not to mention, I found out I'm getting some money back from taxes this year -- yay!) He immediately called the bicycle shop despite the dour gloom and rain and cold outside and we went there. I confirmed that I am indeed a girl and would be wanting a girl's frame (not sure where he could possibly have gotten the idea I'd want anything else; I'm so clumsy I can barely get on and off a boy's bike and certainly have no hope of looking cool while doing it). Anyway, new bicycles sometime this week, yay!

Not to mention the excitement of knowing that there are things you can wall-mount on which to hang the bicycles, like nice modern art with a shelf, instead of leaving them to eat up half the dining room floorspace.

Today is a busy day, so only a few things.

Terry at About Last Night draws attention to the following lovely quote from C.S. Lewis in an April 3, 1949 letter to a godchild:

"Remember that there are only three kinds of things anyone need ever do. (1) Things we ought to do. (2) Things we've got to do. (3) Things we like doing. I say this because some people seem to spend so much of their time doing things for none of these reasons, things like reading books they don't like because other people read them."

The NYTimes has a couple of interesting pieces:

New book out on writer's humiliation stories, most of which seem to involve readings. (If the Tim Powers rule was employed more widely, this wouldn't be a problem -- less than five people, everyone adjourns to the bar.)

How a TB epidemic 20 years ago in Kenya affected a group of savannah baboons.

(Drat and fink, I seem to have turned on the overtype by accident and have no idea how to stop it; chalk up any typos to that.)

The Washington Post also delivers a couple of interesting little storylets today:

Dolly Parton will be lionized as the living legend she is by the Library of Congress.

And Turner Classic Movies is celebrating its tenth anniversary
and gloating over AMC's recent decline into madness and commercials.

And, last, Michael Chabon talks about "The Escapist" (which should be sitting in our comic book folder RIGHT NOW) in Newsday. (Via TEV.)

Have a nice day. And I mean that.

worm: "Killed By a Horse," Buck 65

thingy/s to check out: Sarah Weinman waxes eloquent on the question of why readers react the way they do when genre authors break out

namecheck: Kelly "Battle of the Sexes" Link

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