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I figure this one warrants its own entry.

To say that Truth is immutable is not to say that things don't change.

You put a piece of ice on the counter, and twenty minutes later it's melted into water. Has Truth changed? Um, no. The water molecules were solid. Now they're liquid.

The truth value of a given assertion isn't dependent on state changes or temporality. Nor is it dependent on individual perspectives.

If the cube has melted, and you still think it's ice, you're wrong. There is an objective reality, independent of your perception.

If you think your husband loves you, but he really doesn't, your believing it doesn't make it true.

Postmodernism wants to have us believe that reality is a social construct. The notion of truth becomes relative. I think this is bunk.

People who used to believe that the sun went round the earth were wrong. All that believing didn't make it true. Some people believe that in this respect, reality is in some sort of state of flux that is resolved by our perception. Some people might even believe that the sun went round the earth until other people started believing that instead the earth goes round the sun. Again, pure goofiness.

Our brains are machines for perceiving the world. Sometimes they hold accurate information, but many, many times they're full of bad data. If I type into my computer that I'm the King of France, with a thousand concubines and twenty sportscars, guess what? It doesn't make it true. The computer is storing false information. So it is with perception. Lots of people think lots of things that just aren't an accurate reflection of reality.

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