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Bob also mentioned that I might be as big a fan of Ayn Rand as he was. Sorry again, Bob, but I'm not a fan of Rand's at all.

Here's a list of "Objectivism Essentials", some of the basic tenets of this philosophical system:

Metaphysics: Objective Reality
Epistemology: Reason
Ethics: Self-interest
Politics: Capitalism

Okay, well I'm with her on the first two, and if these were the only tenets of Objectivism, I'd probably be an adherent.

But when it comes to ethics, Rand rejects any and all altruism. Never help others, only yourself. This point of view is just as absurd as the other extreme, pure altruism, in which you give all of your resources to others with no regard for yourself. I happen to think that there is a reasonable balance between pure selfishness and pure altruism. Rand's view is extreme and irrational, so I reject it.

And though I believe capitalism is a superior economic model over communism, again, Rand wants to take it to a libertarian extreme, proposing laissez-faire systems in which there is virtually no regulation or means of leveling equity among individuals. And again, I think this is an extreme view. A healthy balance between rewarding individual innovation and drive and making sure the poorest individuals don't starve to death is what I advocate, and I think actually that we've achieved an excellent economic balance here in the United States.

Anyway, there are some parts of Rand's philosophy that I find incredibly appealing, and others that are simply too extreme and, in my opinion, irrational. Couple that with the cult-like posture of organized Objectivism, and overall I don't find it attractive at all.

Read/Post Comments (2)

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