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How Cloning Will Destroy Families
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Have a look at this Stanley Kurtz commentary from NRO.

He basically makes the argument that reproductive cloning will encourage single people to have cloned kids, thus leading to an increase in single-parent families, thus destroying the remaining remnants of family life in America.

Cloning to produce children has the potential to undermine marriage and the family by enabling unmarried women and men to have children, without the assistance of a second parent.

I generally agree with the notion that kids raised with full-time primary caregivers are better off than those raised in day care, but isn't Kurtz overstating the impact of single-parent cloning?

But cloning will liberate human vanity to allow at least some among us to produce a child wholly in their own image, and thus free of any legal or emotional complications related to the existence of a second parent.

Well, that in and of itself may not be a totally bad thing (think custody battles, etc.).

A new surge in the number of single parents can only further erode the already-weakened institution of marriage.

Well, I don't have a problem with the already-weakened institution of marriage being weakened further. It's being weakened for a reason, and that has to do with its inherent flaws as an outmoded, unrealistic social contrivance.

You don't have to be religious, or even very conservative, to recognize that two parents raising a child are better than one.

Well yeah. Like I said, I do agree with this assertion. Hell, I'd go even further to say that three parents raising a child are better than either one or two. I do think the general trend of smaller households is a problem, but I think arguing that cloning will exacerbate this trend is pretty ridiculous. Its going to be impractical and cost prohibitive for many years, and even if when it does become cheap and effective, I don't think it will lead to mass single-parent cloning

I do think that Kurtz is right about the erosion and partitioning of individuals in American society. Hopefully, someday soon (like before cloning is readily commercially available), we'll learn to form socially-acceptable, larger groups that can reformulate the notion of "family".

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