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Creationist Museum Acquires 5,000 Year-Old T. Rex
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Courtesy of The Onion:

"It was a truly majestic beast," said Gill, gazing up at the massive skeleton. "One almost has to mourn that there was no room for it on the Ark."

Gill called the discovery "a powerfully compelling refutation" of secular scientists' long-held assertion that dinosaurs lived on Earth millions of years before humans.

"The fact that no human remains were found anywhere in the vicinity of the site of the skeleton serves as proof of the tyrannosaur's ferocity and huge appetite," Gill said.

Like a lot of good satire, it's actually more sad than funny, because many people actually believe this shit.

I remember working on the staff of The Daily Texan, the UT Austin newspaper. Our editor was a creationist. He said he believed the earth was about 10K years old. I asked him if he believed in dinosaurs. He asked me what I meant. I said, "Do you believe that there were organisms, big lizards, that lived millions of years ago?" His reply was that he believed in god.

Whoop'tee doo.

I tried once more, asking him how he reconciled the existence of dinosaurs with his literal biblical dogma. He said there was no inconsistency.

That's the point at which your head feels as if it's going to unzip and explode like a volcano.

I walked out of the room instead.

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