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Nuclear Rockets
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See? Nuclear technology doesn't necessarily have to be used to threaten other countries or blow them up. President Bush has given the go-ahead for the Prometheus Project, which will try to develop nuclear propulsion to take us to other planets.

Now, I admit being a little nervous about using highly radioactive material to power rockets, or at least to launch them from Earth (think Challenger with fissile material). But if they have a safe way to transport the plutonium to an orbital station that assembles the craft, then launches from orbit toward Mars, that might seem safer. A nuclear accident with a space launch would probably cripple the American space program.

Anyway, it's still exciting news, especially at a time where China is gearing up with ambitious plans to return to the moon. I'd love to see humanity turn its attention to a Mars race, instead of another arms race, to challenge our creativity and innovation.

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