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Unplanned Parenthood
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And here I was, just yesterday, saying that the neither side of the abortion debate was normally very thoughtful or reasoned.

Boy, when you're wrong, you're wrong.

Check out this little ditty put together by Planned Parenthood [warning: there's sound, music even, and it may make you want to jab pencils into your ears].

Just goes to show, if you really want to elevate the level of reasoned discourse on a subject, make a Flash movie ridiculing people who hold views that differ from yours.

You got no choice,
We're takin' it away from you...
You might as well move to Iraq.

Do they even realize how idiotic this sounds?

Here's the last bit of their petition:

We, the undersigned, join with Planned Parenthood and call on President Bush to stop his war on women and to abandon his efforts to deny people the right and means to make responsible choices about their reproductive lives.

"War on women"? I must have missed that one in the last State of the Union. Maybe he'll officially declare it in this next one.

This is just about the most idiotic, offensive thing I've seen this year. But then again, it's early.

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