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Saddam's Torturers
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Here is, no doubt, just more propaganda from the filthy warmongers. I mean, this kind of stuff couldn't really be going on, could it? (via Alex Knapp) And even if it is, let's just close our eyes real tight and hope it goes away on its own.

In 1991, [Kazim Muhammed al-Hut] was tapped to help penetrate the Iraqi opposition movements. That was when his job as a Mukhabarat interrogator began and, he says, when he became skilled in torture.

''It was hard at first; then it got easy,'' he said. ''We had a lot of ways to make people speak. There was the cable, electric shock. . . . We would attach the electrodes. We did it like this: One [motioning to his tongue], two [motioning to his ear], and three [motioning to his groin].''

Hut laughed uneasily as he explained the methodology. Then a silence fell over the room. He pulled hard on another cigarette.

What about rape, he was asked.

''No, we had another group responsible for that.''

What about children?

''We never killed them. If the child was 5 or 6, we would beat them with a steel cable, and that would get the mothers talking.''

Let's talk some more in a detached intellectual manner about how our interests are best served, shall we?

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