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Anti-War Saboteurs
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Check out this story in Salon about these obscene morons, not content with voicing their First Amendment rights peacefully, who are planning to commit sabotage if and when we go to war with Iraq (Salon Day-Pass required).

If bombs start falling on Iraq, peace activists say, expect insurgency at home.

Demonstrators are planning to shut down San Francisco's Financial District, to gather by the thousands in New York's Times Square and stage sit-ins in Washington, D.C. Others are ready to try to breach security at Vandenberg Air Force Base in Southern California, where many of the military targeting operations will be done for an Iraq bombing campaign.

I'm somewhat divided about the notion of sit-ins. I think a certain amount of civil disobedience might be justifiable if you believe in something strongly. But the assholes wanting to sabotage Vandenburg?

Vandenberg is about 50 miles north Santa Barbara, Calif. In a few days, activists will start converging on a nearby four-acre plot of land that Bud Boothe, a World War II veteran, donated to the Military Globalization Project. They're going to camp there and train to breach the base's security and possibly vandalize some of its equipment.

Lumsdaine, the Military Globalization Project coordinator, is a 48-year-old who has been arrested at Vandenberg twice. He describes the base as "the electronic nerve center of the global-surveillance-targeting, weapons-guidance, and military-command satellites that will largely direct the war."

Now these morons, should they succeed, are going way beyond expressing their Constitutional rights and into the land of sabotage and treason. By disrupting communications they'd be putting American soldiers' lives at risk and actually aiding the Iraqi army.

Though most of the planners of the Vandenberg action are religious people like him, Lumsdaine is also hoping the camp draws the kind of young direct-action aficionados who converged on Seattle to protest globalization in 1999. Vandenberg, he says, is "the WTO of global military terror. This is where people need to go. If I'm going to risk arrest, wouldn't I rather do that blocking strategic command operations targeting facilities than blocking traffic in San Francisco?"

I don't think you'd just be risking arrest, dumbass. If there's a war in progress, you might just get your ass shot breaking into a military installation.

Again, you want to write your Congressperson, march in the streets, scream at the top of your lungs about what a scummy, oil-hungry baboon George W. Bush is, and I'd fight for your right to do so. But you want to throw a monkey wrench into military operations when American soldiers' lives are at risk, and you've not only crossed the damn line, you've vaulted straight over it.

I hope, like many of the human shields, that those "in training" right now sensibly change their minds before the war starts. Those that don't deserve whatever they get.

Read/Post Comments (13)

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