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The Fine, Unbiased Coverage by the BBC
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Well, maybe they're not as bad as Peter Jennings, but I just heard the BBC World commentator ask a guest:

Many people say that this was a failure of diplomacy on the part of the Bush Administration. Was this really a failure of diplomacy...

I thought perhaps she'd finish the sentence:

"...on the part of the Bush Administration or the U.N.?"

"...or an inevitability given Iraq's repeated refusal to comply with the international community?"


...or did the Bush Administration really mean to go to war all along?

So, are you are murderer or a rapist? When did you stop beating your wife?

Jeez...I've noticed a slant, and read Andrew Sullivan's repeated criticisms of the BBC, but for the most part I still considered them reasonably fair.

As I've blogged here before, is it possible, just slightly possible, that this war is a result of the moral failing of countries like France and Germany in uniting against a despotic psychopath hell-bent on developing weapons of mass destruction against the mandate of the rest of the world?


Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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