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How to Debate Online
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By Alex Knapp:

1) Immediately object to something you don't agree with, and try and personally attack the blogger too. This establishes the warzone, and may scare off any rebuttal. Rarrr!

2) Quote sources that agree with your stance. It's better if you only pick lines that agree with you, and hope that others are too lazy to read the whole thing so you gain more credibility. Bonus if you can type out so much that everyone gets tired or reading your half of the debate, and you win by default.

3) If you are refuted based on a source that you normally use, dismiss its credibility based on the fact that said Republican/Democrat can't use the source because the source is opposite of what he/she believes. They never used it before, so they can't use it now just because it supports their argument. For example, a Democrat couldn't quote Rush or Ann Coulter on something, because they have long labeled them as kooks. Same goes for a Republican with Krugman or Ted Rall.
However, the opposite is not true. You are perfectly entitled to use any source, no matter what it is, and you are entitled to edit it thoroughly to strengthen your case. After all, YOU never labeled anyone, right? Double points if you use an "enemy" weblog for your source.

4) If head-on debating fails, sidestep to a seemingly related topic that has nothing to do with the current topic. For example - if talking about the current conflict in Iraq, switch over to how the economy was better when Clinton was in office. This will throw off your attackers and give you time to regroup, and hopefully they will forget the original topic, in which case, you win!

5) If all else fails, yell out how everyone on the board is childish and doesn't really understand politics. Then retreat to a weblog where everyone agrees with you, and quietly continue strengthening your fortress of parti-zombies.


Read/Post Comments (5)

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