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The Black Plowman Runneth
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Well, Schwarzenegger has thrown his hat into the ever-expanding ring for the bid for Governor of California.

Can he beat Gary Coleman, Arianna Huffington, and Larry Flynt? Sure it's a freak show, but it's gonna be fun to'll liven up C-Span a bit.

Personally, I think the recall was stupid. I think the law is probably sound, but the standard should be as high as that of impeachment. If you commit a crime or multiple crimes in office, embezzle, rape, etc., yeah, recall him. But not doing a good job just isn't justification enough to yank somebody out of office. That's what the election cycle is for.

Having said that, the recall is making for grand theatre.

I think Arnold is going to win in a landslide, and oddly enough, I think he'll make a great governor. Fact of the matter is, style is often more important in politics than substance, especially in an age of mass media. The projection of strength and charisma is in many ways more important than political experience. I wish it weren't the case, but it is. And on those grounds, I think Schwarzenegger will do just fine.

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