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Technological Hypocrisy
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There's lots of blog material from transcripts of Bill Maher's new show, but I liked this bit from the latest:

MAHER: The truth is, the Saudis and the terrorists who extort their support at our expense are all about the purity of the 7th century until it suits their needs. If the West is so tainted, why donít they stop using our technology. This week, bin Laden put out a new videotape. Guess who invented videotape? Not anybody named Abu.

Same goes for satellite phones, computers, SUVs and everything else the terrorists used to hatch their evil plans. They were all invented by the Infidels. The last new idea coming out of Arabia was something about stonings at night when itís cooler.

You know, I donít know where Osama bin Laden is hiding, but I do know one place heís never been: the Patent Office. If weíre so bad, then why donít you go back to homing pigeons and camels and those big curved swords. Because if thereís anything more annoying than an evil doer, itís a hypocritical evil doer.

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