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A Lucid Dream
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I had my first lucid dream in years last night. I haven't been good about keeping a dream journal, but out of curiosity I've kept up with the lucid dreaming exercises on a daily basis...reminding myself throughout the day that I'm not dreaming, double-checking written text (which usually changes in dreams), and telling myself I'll recognize when I'm in a dream before I go to bed.

I was in a kitchen. There was a tall blonde woman with short hair there, about my age. She would have been pretty, but she was having migraines, and there were lines under her eyes. My friend's dog Zoe was there, and I was mad at the woman because her green and white pills were spilled on the floor and when I came into the kitchen Zoe was munching on them. I didn't know how many pills the dog had eaten, and I asked the woman, but she was out of it and didn't answer. I said we'd have to keep an eye on Zoe and rush her to the vet if she started to get sick.

Then I went down the hall to the bathroom. When I got to the bathroom, for some reason, that's when I realized I was in a dream. I looked at the toilet and made it dematerialize (I don't know why). Then I made it rematerialize.

It's not exactly flying, the power to make a toilet disappear and reappear, but it was a rush in the dream. I had a couple of other short dreams the rest of the night, but none in which I realized I was dreaming at the time.

Anyway, two weeks after I started practicing, I've had my first lucid dream. There was a researcher who apparently had more and more frequent lucid dreams through practice, until he could lucid dream at will.

I'll keep practicing and see what happens.

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