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Power on Chomsky
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Here's an excellent review by Samantha Power of Noam Chomsky's latest book, "Hegemony or Survival".

For Chomsky, the world is divided into oppressor and oppressed. America, the prime oppressor, can do no right, while the sins of those categorized as oppressed receive scant mention. Because he deems American foreign policy inherently violent and expansionist, he is unconcerned with the motives behind particular policies, or the ethics of particular individuals in government. And since he considers the United States the leading terrorist state, little distinguishes American air strikes in Serbia undertaken at night with high-precision weaponry from World Trade Center attacks timed to maximize the number of office workers who have just sat down with their morning coffee.

Yes. She does a good job of pointing out the depravity of Chomsky's moral equivalency, the hysterical pitch of many of his claims, and his poor ability to validate his claims.

Yet she also strikes a good balance in pointing out where he has valid criticism:

And it is essential to demand, as Chomsky does, that a country with the might of the United States stop being so selective in applying its principles. We will not allow our sovereignty to be infringed by international treaty commitments in the areas of human rights or even arms control, but we demand that others should. We rebuff the complaints of foreigners about the 650 people who remain holed up in Guantanamo kennels, denied access to lawyers and family members, with not even their names released. Yet we expect others to take heed of our protests about due process.

Both Chomsky and Power are right on this. Well before now, the nationalities of the enemy combatants down in Guantanamo should have been identified, and efforts to turn them over to their countries of origin and either prosecute or release them should have been taken. While this is still nowhere near on-par with WWII Japanese internment camps, it is still wrong. very good review. Read the whole thing.

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