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Hooking Up Kucinich
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This is almost too damned easy to make fun of...but what the hell.

The PoliticsNH website is acting as a matchmaker site for Democratic candidate Dennis Kucinich. (via Gene Healy)

80 ladies have sent in profiles (some with pics). Here are some of their comments:

dennis kucinich is the first person i have seen to seriously address this gaping hole in our system...
--Tricia, Brooklyn NY

Now if he would only address my gaping--on to the next one!

Several years ago in an attempt to keep a Democrat in the Governor's Office, I started 3D, The Denver Democratic Downtowners. We weren't successful, in that Bill Owens was elected, much like GWBush was
--Corinne, Denver CO

Look me up when the Democratic primaries are over, after you're (r)ejected.

I canít imagine my life being complete without a date with Dennis. Granted all goes well on the date, and I see no reason why it wouldnít, I have high hopes for being first lady. I am the year of the dog and believe strongly in astrology: the stars say weíre meant to be. Some call me a Nubian princess, and people always ask me if Iím foreign. But Iím not. I was born in Canada (eh?) but Iíve lived in the US ever since I was 3 years old and I think Iím a citizen. I think it would be good for Dennisí campaign to have a first lady with a foreign flavaí.
--Shira, Wisconsin

I am the year of the dog, but I am really a fox! Some people ask if I'm foreign, because I can't really communicate well and don't make any sense. But nope, I was brought up right here in United States of Canada (eh?).

I became seriously activated in politics in the year 2000, when the vote of the people was stollen from them.
--Brenda, Dyersburg TN

I hope to become reactivated in politics this year, when the vote of the people will be stollen back!

In the four months since I met Dennis Kucinich, I've given more than 20 percent of my take-home pay to his campaign and I've worked hours and hours as a supporter. In fact, my G.P.A., budget, and housekeeping have all taken a beating due to my commitment to him and his campaign.
--Kathy, Des Moines Iowa
(who among other things lists her interests as including:
Certified Enneagram Instructor
Reiki Master
Licensed Minister
Licensed Motorcycle Driver)

I can stalk you over hot coals!, I couldn't even make it through the first third. This stuff is both hilarious and tragic.

It's tragilarious.

Go have a look.

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