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Multilateral Kidnapping
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For a country that "acted unilaterally" against Iraq, and "went it alone", there are a surprisingly high number of kidnappings of journalists, workers, and volunteers from allies (Allies? I thought we didn't have any allies?).

The pattern and plan are plain to see here. The insurgents and jihadists in Iraq want to isolate the U.S. militarily and politically. If they can drive the Spanish, Italians, Japanese, Poles, Australians, and/or British out of Iraq, by kidnapping and murdering contracters and volunteers from those countries, then the U.S. really will be isolated on Iraq. They obviously think that the citizenry of most countries won't be able to stomach the kidnapping and murder of a few of their fellow citizens, and that will be enough to drive them from the country.

The tactic is utterly inhumane and cowardly (kidnap a Japanese volunteer who is there to work on water purification for Iraqis, and threaten to burn them alive...yes, these people really are freedom fighters).

So far it looks as if Italy and Japan are going to stick by us, and the Iraqis who really do want a free, pluralistic society. The jury's still out on Spain. Let's hope the people of our coalition countries see through the depraved tactics and continue supporting the rebuilding of Iraq...because contrary to belief in some quarters, we didn't go it alone, and our chances for success are much smaller if we actually have to.

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