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Religious Prisons
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Apparently the first "faith-based" (i.e. "religious") prison for women just opened in Florida:

The nation's first faith-based prison for women opened in a Tampa-area detention center Wednesday, nearly five months after a similar program began for men.

About 300 female prisoners will be confined at the Hillsborough Correctional Institution, all volunteers who agreed to participate in a program combining vocational classes with worship.

Okay, so they're all volunteers to the program. Doesn't sound so bad. But is taxpayer money being spent on religious indoctrination?

To avoid legal challenges, no state money will be used for religious instruction. Volunteers will provide religious services and materials.

Okay, so none of the religious content is funded by the state. But it's still a "faith-based prison", right? So everybody who's there takes part in the religious programs and daily routine, right?

Any religion may be represented at the prison, and no prisoner will be required to participate in religious activities, officials said.

Okay, now I'm totally effing confused. Volunteers provide religious services, the prisoners can worship whatever religion they want, and they can choose not to take part.

So can somebody tell me how in the hell this place is different from a regular prison?

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