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The God Number
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So a local, gay, black activist/researcher says he has "mathematical and scientific proof that God exists." No, I am not making this up.

Here's another story on it.

Mr. Sneed has developed an associated scientific theorem: "Definity-Uninity-Infinity" that substantiates the identification of the specific number that represents God. The theorem has been registered with the United States Copyright Office and has been issued a certificate as an original work. "Definity-Uninity-Infinity" sets forth a new, more realistic and sensible view of the innate structure and order of the Universe, Mr. Sneed states: "is created, sustained and controlled by God; then, now and forever." The viewer is able to easily understand Mr. Sneed's mathematical and scientific proof of God's existence.

[This is just too goddamn easy to make fun of...I leave to you to fill in your own punchline here.]

Apparently this video already aired on local Dallas TV, and goddammit, I missed it. What are most people's reaction to it?

Sneed said he has received no negative reaction from the video, and no one has disputed what he has presented. Audience members usually left in a state of bewilderment, he added.

No shit. He's got a short video proving the existence of god "mathematically" and "scientifically", produced by an organization for black gay and transgender males aged 17-24. My mind is blown just reading about it.

But I do want to see this video. Something tells me it would be highly entertaining. So I wrote the guy:

Dear Mr. Sneed,

I am interested to find out purchasing information for your video, "The God Number: Mathematical and Scientific Proof of the Existence of God". Could you please provide pricing and ordering information.

Thank you,
Derek James

We'll see if he writes back. I visited the website, but couldn't find any ordering info.

Oh, and if you haven't followed the links above, please do...there are plenty of little gems, like this one:

Sneed said he believes gays might be the closest humans to God that exist, because they are more likely to embody a balance of male and female energy.

There you go...gayness is next to godliness.

I'll let you all know if I hear more on this one...

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