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Jackass in the Box
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This exchange between Arianna Huffington and Andrew Sullivan on Bill Maher's show is interesting:

SULLIVAN: But I have to say the left did this to themselves. When you put out as your spokesman a liar and a propagandist like Michael Moore and you generate hate like that—[audience responds negatively] I'm sorry, but he is a liar and he is a propagandist. And when you legitimize someone like that by putting him in your box, you make attacking Bush seem as if it's fused with hatred of Bush. By pandering to those people, you make a really strong criticism difficult to sustain. That's what they've done.

HUFFINGTON: Okay, first of all, two things. First of all, he's not a liar and a propagandist. [applause] [cheers] Secondly – secondly, John Kerry – John Kerry stayed so far away from him, he hasn't even acknowledged whether he has seen “Fahrenheit 9/11” or not.

SULLIVAN: He was just in the box next to Theresa—


SULLIVAN: --of the Democratic Convention.

HUFFINGTON: That is totally untrue. Absolutely not. Are you joking? He was not.

SULLIVAN: He was absolutely up there as a guest of honor.

HUFFINGTON: He was absolutely not. Do you want any kind of bet you want. He was not—

MAHER: He was at – he was at the Republican Convention.

HUFFINGTON: Yes, he was not—

SULLIVAN: As a journalist. But he was absolutely in the box at the Democrats.


A picture is worth a thousand huffs. Here's a screen grab from CNN of Michael Moore sharing the Presidential Box with former President Jimmy Carter:

Read/Post Comments (10)

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