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Lucy "Harvey" Ramirez
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I know this story really has little to do with who should be the next President, but it's just so freaking interesting and bizarre, one can't help but keep watching, wondering just how much weirder it's going to get.

From USA Today today:

[Former Texas Army Guard lieutenant colonel] Bill Burkett now maintains that the source of the papers was Lucy Ramirez, who he says phoned him from Houston in March to offer the documents. USA TODAY has been unable to locate Ramirez.


Burkett's own doubts about the authenticity of the memos and his inability to supply evidence to show that Ramirez exists also raise questions about his credibility.

His inability to show that she exists? Yeah, that might hurt his credibility. He doesn't have a phone number? Or know what city she lives in? Can he sit down with a freakin' sketch artist and give a description?

As Joe says in Reservoir Dogs, "Why bother? It'd just be more bullshit."

Oh, but it's entertaining bullshit:

By Monday, USA TODAY had not been able to locate Ramirez or verify other details of Burkett's account. Three people who worked with Killian in the early 1970s said they don't recognize her name. Burkett promised to provide telephone records that would verify his calls to Ramirez, but he had not done so by Monday night.

This reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where George pretends to have a house in the Hamptons, and keeps up the ruse to see who blinks first.

How far will Burkett carry this one? Maybe he's sitting at his PC, with Word 2000 fired up, typing up some phone records.

And then there's this:

After he received the documents in Houston, Burkett said, he drove home, stopping on the way at a Kinko's shop in Waco to copy the six memos. In the parking lot outside, he said, he burned the ones he had been given and the envelope they were in. Ramirez was worried about leaving forensic evidence on them that might lead back to her, Burkett said, acknowledging that the story sounded fantastic. "This is going to sound like some damn sci-fi movie," he said.

No...most sci-fi movies are usually more believable.

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