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Kerry on Iraq
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I thought this panel discussion on Bill Maher's show on Kerry's views on Iraq was pretty funny:

BILL MAHER: Maureen Dowd, always – always the smartest kid in the class – had it exactly right, I thought, as you always do, this week, when you said, “When Mr. Kerry says it was the way the president went about challenging Saddam, that was wrong.” And that's exactly right. It's not – Kerry keeps saying, “I would have done Iraq differently instead of saying, “I just wouldn't have done Iraq .”


BILL MAHER: And nobody challenges these chestnuts. Like everybody starts off, even if they're John Kerry, they have to say, “Well, of course the world is a better place without Saddam.” Actually, no. You know what? Iraq , eventually, is a better place without Saddam. But, you know, during the Cold War, we supported umpteen dictators, brutal people just like Saddam, because it made our life better.

So Maher obviously thinks Kerry should give a straight answer to the question, and say that overall we would have been better not going into Iraq, and leaving Saddam in power.

And then...

MAUREEN DOWD: No, I was just going to say – this thing about when Kerry does, “It's the way you did it,” is such a girlie thing. It reminds me of myself with guys. You know, “It's not that you stayed out on Friday night with your friends, it's the way you didn't tell me.” [laughter] You know, yeah, it's that you stayed out on Friday nights with your friends.

AARON McGRUDER: So you're – so you're saying Kerry is a bitch. [laughter] You're saying he's acting bitch-like.

Hey...I didn't say it.

And these people are liberals.

It's pretty bad when the left is getting all misty-eyed and nostalgic for Dean.

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