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Debate Alert: Terry McAuliffe is a Douchebag
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A friend forwarded a "Debate Alert" from DNC chairman Terry McAuliffe regarding tonight's debate. Here are some excerpts. It opens:

> Tonight, don't let George Bush's
> henchmen steal another victory.

Henchmen. Beautiful. I love the way the Dems talk about Bush like he's Ernst Blofeld.

Does Kerry have henchmen? Joe Lockhart certainly seems like one. So does James Carville. Or are they "sidekicks"?

> We all know what happened in 2000.
> Al Gore won the first debate on the issues, but
> Republicans stole the post-debate spin. We are not
> going to let that happen again, and you will play a
> big role.

Yeah, Gore whipped Bush's ass in 2000 with his wooden demeanor and his patented super-sigh combat move. It was the media who twisted it into defeat.

So how to keep the evil media from twisting what is sure to be a big ol' can of Kerry whoop-ass into some crap about how he failed to clarify his muddled position on a wide spectrum of foreign policy topics?

Vote on on-line news polls!

> National and local news
> organizations will be conducting online polls during
> and after the debate asking for readers' opinions.
> Look for online polls at these national news
> websites, and make sure to vote in every one of
> them:

He then lists links to ABC news, CNN, and so on.

And then...

> Immediately after the debate, go
> online and write a letter to the editor of your
> local paper. If you feel John Kerry commanded the
> debate and had a clear plan for fixing the mess in
> Iraq, put it in your letter.

Um...what if you feel that John Kerry didn't command squat? Or that you were even more confused about his positions after listening to him in the debate? Should you put that in the letter?

I'm guessing the answer would be: No, go ahead and grind head on with pure partisan blindness, because anybody would be better than Bush...even somebody about as clear, cogent, and inspiring as wet cardboard.

And then, at the end of the letter, McAuliffe links to "Bush Debate Bingo" cards.


Read/Post Comments (4)

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