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Why We Don't Need a Draft
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From the Washington Times:

The National Guard will miss its recruiting goal of 56,000. It had signed up only 43,827 by Aug. 31.


On new [Army] recruits heading to basic training, the target of 77,000 was exceeded 10 days ago by a margin of 47 inductees.


The Marine Corps, whose amphibious units have fought in Afghanistan and patrol the notorious Anbar Province in Iraq, says it is on track to meet a goal of 36,773 recruits this fiscal year.


Edgar Castillo, spokesman for Air Force Recruit Services at Randolph Air Force Base in San Antonio, said the branch actually is slashing accessions from 34,080 this year to 24,000 next year.

"There are people right now that want to join that we can't accommodate," Mr. Castillo said.


The Navy will meet its marker of 39,700 enlisted recruits, as it has for every year in recent memory, except 1998.

So while the National Guard is a bit below goal, all otehr branches of our military are on goal or exceeding it. The Air Force is actually turning people away.

And if you read the article, retention is slightly mixed, with the Guard and the Army slightly below goal, while the Navy and Air Force are well above goal.

Thus, Charlie Rangel and others who talk about bringing back the draft are first-class doofuses.

Of course, part of their argument is that they'd rather have people in the military who don't want to be there, instead of a volunteer force, so that, for example, the Bush daughters might be forced to serve. I don't know about you, but I would rather not have Jenna Bush defending the country.

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