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A Good Example of Why I'm Not a Democrat
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Matt Yglesias typifies Democratic "strategizing", which in this case means jettisoning his principles on an issues like the separation of church and state:

Now the poll doesn't directly state what about the Christian right is well regarded if its stance on abortion isn't. It does, however, provide at least two examples of Christian right caucus that, unlike abortion restrictions, really are popular. One is letting public schools teach creationism along with evolution. Another -- and this one, unlike the evolution thing, is really wildly popular -- is putting the ten commandments up in public buildings.


If you ask me this and related issues would be fruitful areas for compromise.

Well fuck. Sure. Let's just let teach that The Flood formed the Grand Canyon and that the earth is flat. Let's erect a giant golden Jesus in front of every courthouse...because this country was founded on religious principles, by god!

As much as I despise some of the Republican views, how is it they manage to both strategize and be principled at the same time?

I understand why taking a strong stand on the separation of church and state might be political suicide for a Democratic candidate, though I would damn sure like to see it. I mean, if a Republican, Arnold Schwarzenegger, can go on national TV and laud the separation of church and state, why can't a Democrat?

But this is an endemic problem with the Dems.

I would have easily voted for a Democratic candidate if they could have convinced me they were even mildly principled.

There is actual value in taking a stand on a politically unpopular viewpoint if you actually believe in it and can convey that conviction.

And hey, it helps if you're actually on the right side of the issue. Democrats shouldn't be thinking about what principles they can heave overboard to try to steal votes from moderate Republicans. They should fucking stand for something and commmunicate it loudly and clearly.

Then they might actually get my vote...and who knows, maybe a few others.

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