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The Morality of Flushing a Holy Book
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I'm with Instapundit on this one:

I want to add that I don't think there's anything immoral about flushing a Koran (or a Bible) down the toilet, assuming you've got a toilet that's up to that rather daunting task, and I think it's amusing to hear people who usually worry about excessive concern for religious beliefs suddenly taking a different position. Nor do I think that doing so counts as torture, and I think that it debases the meaning of "torture" to claim otherwise. If this had happened, it might have been -- indeed, would have been -- impolitic or unwise. But not evil.

And anyone who thinks otherwise needs to be willing to apply the same kind of criticism to things like Piss Christ, or to explain why offending the sensibilities of one kind of religious believer is "art" while doing the same in another context is "torture." If, that is, they want to be taken at all seriously.

That said, there is a difference between an interrogation technique at a highly controversial location and an art display, but I agree with the general point that the cultural sensitivity card is played much too often, and is too one-sided.

Bonus points for anyone who can find reference to a current art display that features Muslim icons in a less than flattering light.

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