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Politics in Academia
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I've already run into a few instances of the in-group/out-group dynamics in academia when it comes to American politics.

At our weekly colloquium last Friday a philosophy professor giving a talk used as an example of a belief that need not necessarily be true: "George Bush is a great orator". A hearty round of laughter ensued. Well yeah, Bush isn't very articulate, although he's delivered some of the most impressive speeches I've ever heard from a U.S. President in my lifetime...maybe that's mostly his writers.

But it's carte blanche on Bush, whereas I doubt you'd hear "Bill Clinton is a faithful husband" as a false belief in the same context. I think most of the people in my department would probably shit a brick if they knew I voted for Bush last election.

Maybe they're more tolerant and open-minded than that...but I don't especially want to find out just now.

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