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Dover Evolution Trial Winding Down
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It's supposed to finish up this week, or so I've heard. Meanwhile, yesterday the judge got fed up with a school board member on the witness stand who said under oath earlier this year he didn't remember where he got the money to buy 60 creationist textbooks. Yesterday he said under cross-examination by the judge that he got the money from his father, who had gotten it from a donation from another school board member's church.

Apparrently the judge was pissed, and it's possible the guy could be subject to perjury charges.

I don't know how all this will affect the case. It seems to me there are two issues here: the underlying validity of intelligent design and the motives of the school board members. Personally I'd like the case to revolve around the first add another nail to the coffin of creationist attempts to get into science classrooms. But much of the trial has centered around the motives of some of the school board members, who clearly have a religious agenda. The two issues are not completely unrelated, but we'll see how it all falls out. I've heard the judge will rule by the end of the week.

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