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Spike Lee is a Nutjob
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He was on Bill Maher's show last week and the subject of Hurricane Katrina and the levees came up:

MAHER: And this past Saturday, Louis Farrakhan did a kind of a reunion of the Million Man March. I don't think we got a million people this time. But he was saying last Saturday in Washington that he thinks that the federal government, there was a conspiracy to actually blow up those levees so that they would flood the poor, black districts in New Orleans. I have to tell you, I am not a conspiracy theorist. I don't believe it. But when you see some of the things that have gone on in this country—

LEE: Exactly. It's not farfetched.

Okay, let's stop right there. It's not farfetched? Blacks have historically been treated like shit in this country, but come the hell on. He's suggesting that the Federal government actively committed a genocidal act against black people.

His justification?

LEE: If we're in L.A. and there's an emergency situation, we call from Beverly Hills and we call from Compton. Which one is the cops coming to first? [laughter]

MAHER: Right. But that's different than pro-actively blowing up a levee to flood one neighborhood. I'm not saying it's not possible.

Yes, a difference in response times to police calls is the same as blowing up a levee to flood and drown neighborhoods full of men, women, and children. What the fuck?

And if this exchange demonstrates that Spike Lee is a nutjob, it also shows Bill Maher as a giant pussy. I'm not saying it's not possible. Usually one to call people on what's clearly bullshit, he hems and haws around this kooky-ass shit.

Other justifications from Lee:

LEE: Presidents – presidents have been assassinated. So why is that so farfetched?


LEE: But let me ask a question: do you think that election in 2000 was fair? You don't think that was rigged?

He also brings up the Tuskegee Experiment, in which black men were purposefully infected with syphilis to study the disease. A whole host of legal guidelines and protections for human subjects of experimental studies arose out of that horrible episode.

But again, with absolutely no evidence and no clear motive (other than that the people in power simply want blacks to be dead), he spouts this idiotic bullshit. And while the other two guests give a shot at debunking it, Bill Maher acts as if it's perfectly reasonable.


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