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Blogging WebApps
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Via BoingBoing, here's a post by Matt Haughey talking about blog application features and complaining about the difficult of a recent blog migration.

He mentions 5 features in particular that he wishes blog app programmers would pay attention to:

Admin Backend
He wants posting and author maintenance to be fast and easy.

He wants templates to be few in number, simple and clean.

He wants an easy-to-use import/export tool, for backups and migrations.

He wants good documentation. (Don't we all?)

Server Load
He wants pages, especially ones without graphics or multimedia, to load fast.

I have to say, for a piece of work that Kenny did in his spare time, and continues to maintain in his spare time, JournalScape is excellent. And I prefer the dated headline listing style to the way most content is displayed on blogs.

I had mentioned this before, but if I had one wish for JournalScape it would be an import, but mostly an export, feature, that would allow you to save off all your posts in one or more simple formats (there seems to be an ongoing discussion about the need for a standardized blog data format however). XML, RTF, or just plain text (I don't use pics all that much) would be awesome. Kenny is a busy guy, so I'm just wishing out loud. I did see some people talking about using an RSS feed as an export tool, but I'm not quite sure how that would work.

Anyway, from day one this blog has been fast, clean, and easy to use, so no complaints there.

Read/Post Comments (5)

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