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This is a cool-ass site (via Larry Moran). It's called You've Been Left Behind, and the "you" isn't really's all your unpious douchebag friends and family that weren't good enough to make the cut during the rapture. What's the service the website offers?

Well, for $40 (for the first year), you can store a bunch of email addresses and messages with them, and when the rapture hits, all those messages will be sent to anyone you want. Cool, huh?

From their main page:

You've Been Left Behind gives you one last opportunity to reach your lost family and friends For Christ. Imagine being in the presence of the Lord and hearing all of heaven rejoice over the salvation of your loved ones. It is our prayer that this site makes it happen.

I'm not sure if this is an example of Poe's Law or not (that's the point of Poe's Law), but I thought it would be fun to compose a hypothetical letter to someone left behind. You could write a letter to your ex-wife and tell her you're glad she's stranded on earth while you are in the heavenly embrace of the Lord. Or you could write your boss and tell him he didn't pass his latest performance evaluation. Hah!

Or you could just write that poor lost skeptic who is only just now getting it, as the rivers turn red with blood and swarms of locust blot out the sunlight.

What a neat service!

Read/Post Comments (2)

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