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Intelligent Design on Trial
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Ken Miller was on The Colbert Report on Monday:

I didn't think his appearance was all that great. I don't think trying to talk over Colbert and cram your message in during the interview is a good strategy. Also, some of his rhetoric was alienating (e.g., Scientists know what's best). When it comes to science, yeah, that's true. But he could have put it better. Also, the "welfare queens" crack is probably designed to appeal to conservatives, but it would probably piss more people off than it would impress.

I think the best strategy when going on Colbert is to play along with him, let him crack his jokes, and look like a good sport. Then people will like you and possibly want to read your book. I don't think many people watching that interview are going to rush out and get Miller's book.

However, what you should do is take the time to watch the excellent NOVA special, Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial, which won a Peabody Award for excellence in broadcasting. You can follow the link above to watch it online, in 8-10 minute chunks.

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