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The 8th Sacrament

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Amused, Happy With Myself

I'm going to be talking about this a lot in the journal, and as an Episcopalian these days, apparently I'm entitled: The Myers-Briggs Type scheme. [Those of you who have suffered this with us, may groan on cue]

All of Gaul was divided in sixteen parts, Introvert/Extravert, Thinking/Feeling, Intuitive/Sensing, Perceiving/Judging; the combinations of those alternatives make up a wide, but flexible set of personality types. Jung is largely to blame, historically. [Cue to throw fruits]

There are two ways to explain this handy little typology: the funny way, and the pseudo-scientific way. Teeth will be provided. A quick Funny, one-liners for each type, of the cruel variety. Additional cruelty, from the mind of a slightly more deranged example of yours truly's type, misanthropic INTJ.

A very good (though not updated) source for various info is the MB Type On the Web page site, which will get you off and running.

TO FOCUS ON ME AGAIN, AHEM,'s INTJ Profile will give you insight into the nature of the beast, and probably make you more appreciate of piscis, the long-suffering INFJ...

Finally, if you're an Episcopalian, you may wish to consider dialing Sister Behemoth and getting some of her lovely little caplets. At least, you'll get a laugh from the page.

The observant may note that this entry is itself fulfilling an observed law of 'intj' behavior, the tendency of every intj web page to be just a set of annotated bookmarks...

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