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"what's easier than sleep? / what's harder than a song?"

Ah, just like old times -- the twitching, the shaking, the songs, the books bent too far on their spines, the wide-wide-wide-not-awake. Yes, it's all-nighter time again, and man, have I ever missed it.

Finally on my third page. Most of a day's work, and crap to show for it. Fortunately, I'm in the homestretch. Unfortunately, I fear I'm getting bored with it. Not the resurrection so much, but the aligning of texts, joining them with commentary, explanations, stringing them like beads on a string. At some point, I just figure the reader can piece it all together on their own. Toss them the notecards, and let them add 2 and 2.

One last hump. Part III.E of parts III.A-E. Last of five. Should be a big obvious, too. Finish this, and I can move on to something more interesting, like, a conclusion, and lessons drawn from my months of toil. You'd think this would be some kind of motivator. At 5am, though, it's just not enough. Now, I just want it all to stop. A lot like running, come to think of it. Well, And so it goes.

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