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Flush With The Rush

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Life During Wartime

I'm up, shaking and shivering, completely engulfed in the memory that I've been here before. I've missed it.

sleep in the daytime, work in the nighttime

All that was a million miles away, an age ago; now I'm even wearing a dot-com t-shirt, to point up the distance. And I now know I can't remember if her name was Lena, Leila, or Lita.

Now, less than four days left.

the sound of gunfire, off in the distance / i'm getting used to it now

The last long stretch of screaming muscles, or protesting eyes and memory. Thirsty, munching, coffee-gut, these are still the best days of my life, 10 years down the road.

What about Houston? What about Detroit? What about Pittsburgh PA? You oughta know not to stand by the window, somebody see you up there

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