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tick tick tick tick DOOM

Time is running thin. Just a day left until I have to have this thing printed out and bring it in; the clock is really ticking now, and the faster it moves, coming toward the end, the more I want to dig my heels in and delay, ask for more days, hours, and space to expand.

Of six parts I've outlined, I'm now on #5 (V), and trying to create some kind of historical context that can be whipped together and be coherent in under, say, three hours. Sooooo screwed. History does not bend that far, unfortunately. At least not in my hands. Now I'm trying to slash things, cut down to fit the time allotted, rather than to be complete. This is turning into a timed essay exam, and I always hate those, because it's alays the same problem -- I spend too long analyzing, too long planning, too long, too long, too long. Give me 3 hours , and only 45 minutes am I writing, the rest of the time dredging up facts, principles, aligning them in my head, scratching out the true shape as it can be wedged into a 5-point essay (intro, 3 bullets, closer).

There's just no way this thing is going to run 50 pages, not like it is right now. Thank God for Courier 12-pt.!

So, if anyone wants to throw togther a structure on Justin Martyr's 2nd-century predecessors' perspectives on the resurrection of the dead, let me know soon, eh...

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