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Finished first draft of thesis today before lunch. Inconceivable. Didn't even need to drop it off until 4pm. I was a bit stunned, really.

Of course, I could've opened the can of worms that is the incomplete introduction, or a dozen other aspects of the thing which need serious, serious attention. But, nah. Why break it when the current bugs are known issues? Workaround: Skip to the good bits.

I'm thinking of the first draft as going into acceptance testing with my advisor right now. If I get that far, I can start a beta cycle and start adding features as requested, and even do bugfixes. I'm thinking it'll get acceptance, since the core is tight, and, in fact, pretty much unassailable. The problem is, it's limited.

But there I go again. I'm already planning a round of improvements for a project not even guaranteed to go through intact. At the moment, I have a descriptive thesis, and that's it. Granted, the themes have been extracted from three works on unrelated topics, and cover patterns of use as well as direct statements, but the core is just a description. Not creative. Nothing like the 60k+ words generated in the raw by that bastard yaga. %^*%@^#!! A fraction of that, and many of them quotations anyway. Make me wonder where the months drained to.

Oh, right, I fiddled while Rome burned, crap.

Nonetheless, I'm done with a major milestone, it's out of my hands for a weekend at least, and I'm confident that at least my limited goals are accomplished: My analysis itself is rock-solid, and basically every piece of evidence has been dealt with and incorporated into my description. I will not be refuted, though I may be criticized for any of a number of other side issues.

For the moment, the dream of the INTJ shimmers before me: Closure, and Possibility. I have accomplished the depicting of the True, and, I can plot to expand the web of interrelated Truths in a number of ways and directions. And all from the comfort of my own apartment!

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