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One sows...

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...and in this case, at least, the same one reaps.

Fruit of my labors? Well, besides an afternoon/evening playing indulgent pseudo-uncle with my little amigo Yitzaak, and of course aforementioned psychic benefits appropriate to the type, just simple things in life...

Presently, a steadily diminishing stein's worth of Fuller's ESB.

Fast food, fries and a double burger from the drive-in, decadence deep-fried, yum!

A delightful woman to come home to, and share things with.

Various good new musics, all of which I've snagged in the last two weeks or so. Besides new things from old favorites (Cohen, Dylan, Barenaked Ladies, random remixes & covers), I can say that I'm quite pleased with Dismemberment Plan, and extremely pleased with a very very high proportion of the stuff I snagged from Velvet Blue Music. (Reverse's "Go Radio" may be the perfect rock song.)

Time to do my homework in my other two classes... (whoops)

Fresh readings/viewings of Godzilla ('56/US), Godzilla Raids Again ('55/boot-subt.), Seventh Seal, Stop Making Sense, L. A. Story, Casablanca, Aeon Flux, Brust's The Sun, The Moon, and The Stars, excerpts from Adolf Schlatter, the BCP Compline, chapters of a friend's novel-in-process, Lenny Cohen lyrics, Talking Heads lyrics, and large stretches of Genesis 1-5.

To reiterate: ESB.

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