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Thinking about my job today, as I spent a lot of time there.

I love this business, as much as it sucks. I love it almost all the time, mostly when I'm not dealing with the clueless. I love plotting, diagnosing, fixing, planning. Research and comparisons. I really like when cost is no object, but I take it into account anyway. I like the constant struggle to make myself understood and to understand what my colleagues want. I like the ideas that turn into things. The machines. The cables. The heavy lifting. The not having to do heavy lifting constantly all day every day. Understanding that if I do it right, great benefits can be had, as well as the pleaure of having done it right.

I'm definitely thinking my old boss/prof/librarian had it right when he wanted to teach theology, catalog/acquire books, and to meddle in the affairs of sysadmins for the rest of his days...

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