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twitchy, itchy

So, with piscis out of town, I have long stretches of time which need not be coordinated with any other human being over the next few days.

It's a bit confusing, actually.

On the one hand, I'd like to run amok (amok! amok! amok!), turning up my music, especially the Lenny Cohen and Smiths, cook fish, and stay up too late playing video games (yay 4 Escape Velocity Nova!), but this is quite frankly not all that much out of line with a typical week. Lacking serious inclination to indulge myself in really damaging ways, and having only a couple of fixed engagements for the weekend, it looks like I'll divvy up my time between school-work, work-work next week, and proper work. As well as some irresponsible wandering aimlessly through the city. This will probably involve some ill-advised spending, given my track record.

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