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No, not dead yet, but ailing. Had my big brain-letdown after the thesis victory, after a lot of sitting on pins and needles.

Last night, did a presentation which went horribly, but not as atrociously as the guy who went before me, who pretty much just sat and read off random stuff from an encyclopedia and websites, for a friggin hour!!! Granted, I went well, well over half an hour, but that's cuz I had bit off too much to chew. (Presentations supposed to be 20 minutes, 10 min. for QA.)

Note to self: Never attempt to cover a major religion's basic tenets, 1500 years of its spread into a region, and its present-day situation in relation to another major religion of the region, in 20 minutes

*wheeze* Hate being sick. I turn into a pretty sad whiner, when I'm coherent. The incoherent is more fun. I think I slammed my school at least once, and made a rather imprudent remark to the effect that I wish the New Testament had been composed in a way much more like the isnad system for hadith in Islamic tradition...

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