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Yeah, so, it's a geeky night here on the hill. There's two of us on one machine at the moment -- me, using lynx(1) to add this entry, and piscis, using nifty-telnet-ssh to install mysql on this machine at the same time.

Ah, the joy of unix!

I geek, she geeks, we geek. 'Tis good. I'm not entirely sure that this sort of thing was in the original sense of "the two shall become one", but it certainly works in present context.

It's a clear night, warm but not overly so, the cicadas are giving a nice background serenade, and we're mellowing over coffee at home after a deadly meal at Denny's.

So it looks like on to Japan it's likely to be, down the road a ways. There are opportunities, and needs, and it's feasible for an aging fat white bastard like myself to get his crap together and actually be able to contribute to the church in a meaningful way.

From my discussions with the good doctor, it certainly seems like my own scheming -- cross-cultural/international perspectives on the Gospel -- is a growing concern. Heck, if I move my sorry buttocks, I might even manage to be on the cutting edge of a Good Thing. *boggle* That means there's either more crazies like me out there, or sane people whose perfectly decent notion I'm going to be butting in on...

More about that later, though. I think I'm going to send this in and meddle in FreeBSD's ports system some more...

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