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After a weekend which featured a Saturday of almost total mental jelly-like quivering for my part, Sunday was a lot better, and could almost get no better after the sheer delights of the Four Marx Brothers on the big screen in Duck Soup!

Eventually, after sleeping in and doing some general recovery-by-idling, I regained my senses. Time to get to the grind. Time to sharpen the long knives, time to bust my ass again. I may not have a particular direction, but I there is work enough to be done. I'm going to start off by cranking a bit on my Lewis essay, and swap over to Athenagoras when that gets sluggish. For amusement, I'm going to read and proof a friend's manuscript(s), now the book I've wanted to be written for so long is actually well underway.

This should give me plenty of things to procrastinate from by taking up language lessons. Good thing the semester's almost upon us and we have only three major server rollout projects in hand to accomplish (no, wait, four, the fourth including a half-dozen new clients as well) before the end of the month... I mean, I could conceivably get bored with my life, you know?

I do wish I could make all this an excuse to my amigos for dropping out of touch some more, that'd clear my conscience somewhat...

Well, time to make room at this keyboard. I should do some of this work I'm blathering about, eh?

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