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Right Reverence, True Adoration, Absolute Worship

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Title above is a catch-all title phrase for an idea. Since, I think, theology need to begin and move very much from the idea of God as Creator, ourselves as creatures, no, better, as elements of and in Creation, with the understanding that the Law (yes, capital 'L'), is precisely the Law of God for Creation, for existence in, with, and under, if you will, His design. Of course, if the entirety of the commandments and the holiness of God is directed toward the maintenance of creation's harmony and created goodness, doesn't this mean that Creation itself is Holy?

Well, Christianly, Yes, and, No. This is how I want "right reverence" to be understood -- the making of the world, and all things in it, curried rice, small fish, tsunamis, the Magellanic Clouds, neutrinos, Wyoming, guitars, guns, and girls, demands awe. Its entirety has been created "good" (Gen. 1), and remains so, ill uses and abuses, and all. Do we love things as they are, just for some sense of the inherent virtue of them all? Yes. Anyone calling him/herself by the name of Christian must recognize the necessity of appreciating, to the entire best of heart, mind, and strength, everything that is as being a gift of holiness. Does that mean Creation, by being Good, is God? No, think not. While I myself am in and part of, dependent on, intertwined with Creation, I do not suffer, in my rare moments of lucidity, the delusion that I am God, that I am divine, or deity, or the same as everything else. Right reverence -- to acknowledge the Word that the light and dark, the greater and lesser lights, the growing and flowering plants, the creeping and crawling, wriggling and swimming creatures, are "good".

True Adoration, in brief, means that true acknowledgement of other men and women (damn these English genderings for persons!), and their words, works, lives, stories, which are true, good, and beautiful (Philippians). Recognition of the saints, readings "the Greats", art, music, kultur. As with the rest of creation, the confusion of ourselves with God can only lead to disaster, and ultimately, to a full failure to appreciate people and their works for the goodness they really do possess.

Absolute Worship belongs to God alone. There is no God but God. (And, I'm not it.) He has not given his glory to another. But he has given the Name above all names to Jesus, Messiah, who died, was buried, and raised on the third day after.

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