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cure of souls

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If ever I'm privileged to meet Shusaku Endo, I
assure you, I will address him humbly, as
"sensei", and attempt to dredge up the phrase
meaning "I learned a great deal from your
work." (One doesn't express approval of one's
seniors' work directly -- It's Not Done -- It
would be presumptuous to think of oneself as
sitting in judgement over one's elder!)

But it's true, Endo has a great deal to teach
-- two chapters in to Scandal, and
already I'm afraid -- the great doctor has his
scalpel out, and though I m sure it's not
medical practice, I feel sure I hear him
sharpening it. There's a VoL song with a line
remarking that the cure is deadly, and
therefore infallibly sure to cure the disease.
Yeah, it's like that.
Between The Samurai and this book, I am
very very quickly realizing why Endo gets
mentioned alongside professional theologians
as one of the most important figures in
Japanese theology. Pfft, I'd give good money
or blood or lots of other people's money to
have a comparable kirishitan writer in
America... Well, thank God for translators,

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