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fear and loathing

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For anyone who wonders why I don't identify myself as a liberal, libertarian, radical, or whatnot, based on my anti-statist, growing anti-corporationist, generally contrarian attitude, this is the epitome of why I keep my GOP registration, and just stick to voting in the primaries and contributing hard money (not soft):

Antiwar protesters trash 9/11 memorial

How low is low enough?

In a remark about Salon de la com, the guy from Ars Technica hit it on the head: "While I admit that I get some sick pleasure out of watching a journalist from the left just completely break down and start bawling hysterically onto the page like a trust fund baby in the back of a police car, I'd much rather read a rational and thought-provoking liberal argument." I'm just not convinced that even the foggiest remnants of rational sense remains in the tired, paranoid Left.

Things fall apart.

Darkness always comes.

"That which is crooked cannot be made straight: and that which is wanting cannot be numbered."

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