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In other news, I finally got back my bound thesis - !

Apparently, that means I'm a real human being now, I'm in the catalog and everything... Searching for my name will, when it's cataloged, turn me up all proper-like. Shocking.

Of course, I haven't read it yet, now it's bound. I ph34r it. I phe4r how much I'm going to see it sucks. Even the nice library admin remarked on how thin my thesis was, compared to everyone else's. On the one hand, I've known fools there who couldn't make sense in 15 pages on an assignment of 4-5 pages of summary. On the other hand, every prof I've ever had has told me I'm too brief, too terse. At least a couple of those are folk whose opinions I respect. Probably something to it, but as my advisor, he of great longsuffering, said, "The best thesis is a finished thesis."

So maybe tonight. Is it blasphemous to hope for inspiration in one's own written work?

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